Brittany Spaniel

Brittany SpanielThe Brittany Spaniel dog breed is thought to have originated in the 1800s as the result of hunters crossing English setters with Spaniels. Brittany Spaniels also go by the names of Epagneul Breton, and Brittany.

Technically, the name Brittany is the most correct as the word Spaniel was retired in the early 1980s because the dogs hunting style did not mirror that of a Spaniel.

These versatile hunting dogs were originally bred for pointing and retrieving, and still excel in those departments today. They have also found their niche competing in pointing field trials, and have done quite well. Brittany spaniels can have orange and white, liver and white, or tri-colored fur.


Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed: Temperament

The Brittany makes a great family pet as long as its exercise requirements are met. Be prepared to have a destructive pet on your hands if you do not allow this dog to exercise daily.

This is the type of dog that is all about having fun. Just like any other competent gun dog, you will find the Brittany will seek out birds in the back yard without your direction.

Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed: Health

The Brittany’s primary need is for a healthy amount of daily exercise. This goes beyond a simple walk or short jog around the block. We are talking about 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours of exercise daily. Failing to do so might break this social dogs spirit, and cost you a few pairs of expensive shoes if destructive behavior sets in.

Brittany Spaniel

A Brittany Spaniel can happily live outdoors if it does not get too hot, or too cold where you live. It is recommended that a back yard be provided as this dog does not do so well without one due to its exercise requirements. You can expect to brush its short to medium length coat twice a week.

The primary health concern for this breed is canine hip dysplasia and to a lesser extent hypothyroidism or epilepsy.

A healthy Brittany, on average, may live to be 13 years old.