Dog Dental Insurance

The truth about dog dental insurance is that it isn’t really something that is generally offered as a stand alone policy. Sure, dog dental health is important, but prevention will be your best weapon in combating the costs associated with dog dental problems.

Dental work and general wellness allowances are being introduced into more and more dog health insurance policies.

We encourage you to research a number of pet insurance company websites and examine their plans in order to determine who covers, or has an annual dental work allowance built into their policy.

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Why Are Your Dog’s Teeth Important?

Your dog’s teeth are important because they can greatly affect a pet’s quality of life. Teeth that have not been well cared for can develop root tooth abcessess, which can be dangerous and send your dog into shock if the abcess were to rupture.

Additionally, there is a strong correlation between the health of your dog’s teeth and diseases such as heart disease. Infections that start in the mouth, can easily spread to other areas of the body. The mouth is one of the first lines of defensive in a dog’s immune system, and a healthy immune system prevents costly visits to the vet.

Why Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Brushing your dogs teeth daily will help save you money in the long haul, freshen your dogs breath, and keep them strong. When you go to the vet to have a teeth cleaning, they have to put your dog under anesthesia in order to deep clean the “gunk” that has accumulated over time. They may even have to pull some badly damaged teeth.

Having dental work done by your veterinarian should not be necessary under normal circumstances if you take action and help maintain your dog’s smile! It is an oftentimes expensive pet care cost that can be avoided.

What Pet Insurance Company Do We Recommend?

We recommend Embrace Pet Insurance for those that are interested in having some degree of dog dental insurance coverage. They have implemented insurance policies that allow owners to be compensated up to a limit (dependent upon the plan available) for general routine wellness care, including dental work.

They are a very reputable company, and if you purchase any kind of pet coverage, you would be very pleased with any of their policies. They take care of their clients, and we have taken notice.