Dog Life Insurance

The truth about dog life insurance is that it is not something that is typically available to the average pet owner. At least not as a stand alone insurance policy that is. Pet life insurance is sometimes bundled as a package with some dog health insurance plans as an added benefit.

These insurance plans are popular with the owners of showdogs, who invest a considerable amount of capital in their animals.

The reason why the life insurance policies are generally not offered as standalone packages is because insurers are concerned that some cruel, criminal minded individuals could intentionally kill an animal in order to collect on a policy.

It is a terrible reality, and most insurance companies are not willing to take the risk. It is reasonable to expect that a mother or father would not want to kill a member of their own family, but society has not gotten to the point where everyone treats their pets as family.

The way a dog life insurance policy works is that if a dog dies unexpectedly, then the insurance company will compensate the pet owner for an amount approximate the dog’s value at purchase.

The costs of such plans are highly variable, and the rarity of standalone packages, as well as the variance in dog breed life expectancy, makes the associated costs difficult to quantify.

At this point in time we do not recommend this type of coverage for pet owners unless it is an added benefit to a standard comprehensive health plan. It does not appear to be a cost effective option for the majority of pet parents.

With the introduction of quality, balanced dog foods and the modernization of veterinary techniques our pets are living longer than they ever have before. Internet marketers may lead you to believe otherwise, making claims about how toxic processed pet food is, but the reality is that our dogs are living longer, healthier lives.

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